Unfortunately there isn’t an easy way to break down pricing, as it changes for every job and the specific needs of each client. That being said, there is a general breakdown that will allow us to estimate the costs of each job. 

Transportation - How far away is the job? Will I be able to drive or do I need to fly? Will I need to rent a car? How much luggage to I need to bring? The further I'm required to travel for a job, the higher the cost will be. 

Accommodations - Are food and lodging being provided? Do I need to find my own accommodations or am I staying on location? Are meals being provided? 

Gear Maintenance - As gear is used it begins to deteriorate. Parts become worn out and need eventual replacing. Batteries die, lenses crack, and software must be continually renewed. There may be requirements for new accessories depending on the job. 

Creative Fees - Includes shooting, editing, and delivery of digital files. Creative fees are generally based on a daily rate but can vary depending on the assignment. How dangerous is the assignment? Do we have time to set up the shots or are they action shots? Is having someone who is backcountry certified and has mountaineering experience necessary for the assignment? What are the specific needs and goals of the assignment?

Licensing - What are the images being used for? Are they only for social media promotion? Will they go on promotional mailers? Will they be used in print advertising? Pricing for licensing depends on the usage, the spread of the usage, and the monetization of the usage.

If you have questions about pricing or want to determine an estimate for a project please let me know. I'd love to chat about your upcoming projects, your needs, and how I can help you realize your visual dreams!